Ellen F Foxman, MD, PhD

Ellen F Foxman, MD, PhD
Infectious Diseases, Pathology
Accepting new patients? No
Referrals required? MD to MD Consult
Patient type treated: Child; Adult
Board Certified in Clinical Pathology

Ellen F. Foxman is medical researcher and a physician with training in clinical pathology, a medical subspecialty devoted to using diagnostic testing to improve patient care. Within clinical pathology, Dr. Foxman's area of interest is diagnostic testing for microorganisms that affect human health, such as bacteria and viruses. This field has been revolutionized by new technologies which enable much better detection of microorganisms than was previously possible, raising questions about how microorganisms contribute to human disease (or health). Currently Dr. Foxman is studying how the host response to common viral infections in the respiratory system, focusing on human rhinovirus.

Background. Dr. Foxman received her M.D. and Ph.D. training at Stanford University, and completed residency training in Clinical Pathology at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, MA. Her postdoctoral research on host-virus interactions has been conducted with the mentorship of Akiko Iwasaki in the Department of Immunobiology at Yale.

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