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Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Clinic

The Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Clinic provides comprehensive risk assessment, education, and screening for patients at increased risk of pancreas cancer. Our multidisciplinary expert team of genetic counselors, nurse practitioners, and physicians work together to create a personalized care plan for each patient.

Common Questions 

Who is at Increased Risk of Pancreatic Cancer?
  • Strong family history of pancreatic cancer: 2 or more family members have a history of pancreatic cancer.
  • Genetic predisposition to pancreatic cancer: Inherited susceptibility secondary to BRCA1, BRCA2, ATM, PALB2, p16/CDKN2A (FAMMM Syndrome), Lynch Syndrome (HNPCC), and Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome (STK11).
  • Hereditary Pancreatitis: Chronic pancreatitis that occurs with genetic predispositions: PRSS1, PRSS2, CTRC, and SPINK1.

What should you expect from your appointment?

The Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Clinic provides a comprehensive, personalized consultation tailored to the needs of the individual patient. Many patients will meet first with a genetic counselor, who will review family history and other risk factors for cancer, explain the role of genetic testing for hereditary cancer syndromes, offer testing (if appropriate), and provide an overall cancer risk assessment. 

Those patients considered to be at increased risk of pancreatic cancer can then choose to consult our Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Clinic clinicians. We arrange for appropriate high-risk pancreatic cancer screening, either clinically or as a part of a prospective research study [CAPS5 and PanFAM1, PRECEDE, and Pancreatic Cyst Study EA2185]. If needed, we can also assist with arranging consultations with other specialists for a multidisciplinary approach to cancer prevention and surveillance.

Clinic Hours and Location

James Farrell, MD, and Susan Chmael, APRN
Monday mornings

The Smilow Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program
330 Orchard Street, Suite 107 New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 200-4362

For more information: 
Scott Merenda, BSN (203) 785-7019