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Shoulder Arthroscopy Program

Shoulder injuries are common in an active population, as well as in middle-aged and older adults. Structural injuries can range from labral tears, which can cause shoulder instability, to muscle and tendon injuries, such as a rotator cuff tear, resulting in pain and weakness.

Traditional, or open, surgery entails repair of the injuries through large skin incisions. Unfortunately, this causes structural damage to the skin and underlying musculature. Advancements in video technology and surgical instrumentation has allowed the surgical procedures to be undertaken through minimally invasive techniques (non-muscle damaging) through “keyhole,” or arthroscopic surgery.

While the repaired structures still need time to allow for biological healing, this minimally invasive technique allows for decreased post-surgical pain, which results in a faster recovery and return back to activities of daily living.

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Our Approach

The Sports Medicine and shoulder surgeons at Yale Medicine are proficient in shoulder arthroscopy and typically utilize arthroscopic techniques for the majority of shoulder surgeries. Open surgery is reserved for specialized indications, such as shoulder replacements and other unique situations.

Prior to surgery, our board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeons collaborate with our highly experienced musculoskeletal radiologists, who utilize high-resolution MRI imaging in order to ensure the most accurate structural diagnosis. This allows for a highly individualized and tailored surgical plan.

If surgery is necessary, most cases are performed on an outpatient basis at the McGivney Advanced Surgery Center or Greenwich Hospital. At these facilities, patients receive concierge-style care, which allows for as stress-free a surgical experience as possible. Patients are cared for by board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons and anesthesiologists, physician assistants, as well as highly trained nurses.

The facilities at the McGivney Advanced Surgery Center in New Haven and Greenwich Hospital allow our surgeons to provide state-of-the-art, cutting-edge surgical treatments in order to give patients the best potential for maximal recovery.

After surgery, our team also works closely with affiliated physical therapists who are well-versed in managing patients in their recovery phase of healing. This collaboration ensures individualized treatment plans, aimed to optimize recovery and return to function.