What We Do

The Medical Renal Pathology Service provides high quality electron micrographs/digital images for analysis of ultrastructural pathologic changes in organ tissue. We maintain the highest level of diagnostic accuracy coupled with rapid turnaround time for renal diseases, ciliary abnormalities, metabolic disorders, microbial identification, and tumor diagnosis. We also actively assist in developing new programs, such as a comprehensive program for diagnosis of immunologic diseases and the center for excellence in organ transplantation. Diseases and conditions include but are not limited to: primary glomerular, tubulointerstitial, and vascular diseases of the kidney, renal genetic disease, lupus and systemic vasculitis, renal transplantation. In addition, electron microscopy has proven useful in the diagnosis of a wide range of viral diseases and in the diagnosis of unusual infectious agents such as spirochetes, microsporidia, and protozoa mechanisms.