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Pediatric Diabetes Program

We specialize in the treatment of children with type 1 diabetes, offering comprehensive care and support for patients and their families. Ourteam of physicians, nurse practitioners/certified diabetes educators, nurses, social workers, psychologists,and nutritionists is dedicated to educating and supporting children, adolescents, and parents as they cope with this disease. We place a special emphasis on technological tools, as well as clinical research that can help our patients manage their diabetes.

Our Approach

For our teen and young adult patients who are preparing to transition to adult diabetes care and are learning to manage their diabetes on their own, we offer the Yale FORGE Ahead Bridge Diabetes Program. FORGE stands for:

Form new relationships
Orient to the future
Reach out for support
Gain new knowledge
Embrace life … Ahead and Bridge

We recognize that teens and young adults need a different kind of support as they prepare to manage diabetes on their own. We aim to:

  • Better address the unique needs of teens with type 1 diabetes who are transitioning into adulthood
  • Support efforts for patients to assume full responsibility for their own diabetes management and exercise healthy behavior.

At the Bridge Clinic, patients will have a team visit with a nurse practitioner trained in both pediatric and adult diabetes, along with our clinical nutritionist and social worker. The team will help guide patients through the transition to adult care.