Refer a Patient

Whether you are a caregiver, a patient, or a referring provider, our department is equipped to handle your requests. Our physicians are happy to see new referrals as well as patients desiring a second opinion.

Second opinions are your right as a patient, and our doctors encourage them. Your insurance company or health care plan may even require a second opinion for certain conditions or procedures.

Here are some important reasons to seek the opinion of a second doctor:

  • You've been diagnosed with a serious illness or condition, or a rare or life-threatening disease.
  • You have multiple medical problems and could benefit from easy coordination of care among different specialists.
  • Your doctor is recommending major surgery and you are wondering if there are other options.
  • You are interested in minimally invasive options that your surgeon cannot provide.
  • You want more complete answers to questions you have about your condition.
  • A doctor has recommended treatment that has serious potential risks or side effects, or that is excessively expensive, and you need help evaluating alternative approaches.
  • Your diagnosis is difficult to pin down, and you need an additional opinion or access to more sophisticated technology to be certain.
  • Your current treatment is not working.

You may want to bring the following list of questions to your second opinion consultation:

  • Is there any chance that my diagnosis might be different?
  • If the second opinion differs from the initial one, what is the reasoning behind the second physician's opinion?
  • What alternative treatments are available?
  • How long can I put off treatment, and what will happen if I don't pursue treatments?
  • What risks or side effects are associated with any recommended treatment?
  • How is the treatment plan expected to improve my health or quality of life?