Appointments and Locations

If you would like to make an appointment with a specialist in the Male Fertility Program, please call 203-785-2815.

If you would like to arrange and prepare for a semen analysis at the Yale Medicine Fertility Center, please call the Sperm Physiology Laboratory at 203-737-4951. When your referring physician orders a semen analysis, please make sure that you have a written referral that describes the type of test(s) recommended. If you are not presently a Yale Medicine patient, please call the toll-free number provided by the Lab in order to register as a patient at the Center.

We have the most advanced technology in semen assessment, but we need to get the best semen sample possible. The Lab personnel will explain to you that we would like you to observe two days of abstinence. Two days of abstinence is ideal as a longer period of abstinence can significantly reduce sperm motility. We also suggest that you make the sample here in the Center, instead of a “home produced” sample. We accept your request the first time, but if we find any issues with the submitted semen, we will ask you to produce a new sample at our Center.

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