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Lung Cancer Screening Program

The Smilow Cancer Hospital Lung Cancer Screening Program is a multidisciplinary program that provides lung cancer screening to patients at risk for lung cancer. Our program has a coordinated approach that offers a complete and seamless screening process.

Our team includes world-recognized pulmonologists (doctors who treat diseases of the respiratory system), specialized chest radiologists (doctors with advanced skills in reading CT scan images of the lung), thoracic surgeons and thoracic oncologists (doctors who treat lung cancer), tobacco/smoking cessation counselling specialists, and specialized nurse practitioners. 

Our goal is to provide lung cancer screening in the context of a care process that takes patients from risk assessment to screening to resulting and referral, if needed. Should an abnormal finding be identified, our team will guide and support our patients through next steps. 

Our Approach

Our program is comprehensive and coordinated, and provides the patient with access to a specialized, expert team of caregivers. Our processes are efficient and seamless. Additionally, our team has the knowledge, experience, and compassion to provide patients with the best lung cancer screening experience. Because of this, our team is available to guide patients throughout the screening process and beyond, if needed. Whether it’s an annual follow-up scan or further evaluation, we have the people and resources to care for each patient.  

Our team uses nationally established guidelines to care for our patients. Our tobacco treatment services are available in person or via telehealth visits. 

Read our list of frequently asked questions regarding lung cancer screening.


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