Our department has a long and proud tradition of providing compassionate, advanced care. We study the molecular and cellular components of blood and other body fluids. This work is crucial to diagnosing and managing illness and understanding the mechanisms and origins of disease. 

Our team has developed many different clinical tests that help us find critical health information and make an accurate diagnosis without using invasive procedures. Our goal is to understand how the immune system protects you from attack, how mature cells in your body develop from more primitive stem cells, how viruses and other microbes work, how transfusions can be made better and safer, and how your body works to stop bleeding when you are injured. We are committed to providing a broad array of state-of-the-art, cost-effective testing, and we regularly translate developing technology into routine practice, both as new tests and as better versions of existing tests.

In addition to optimizing noninvasive diagnostic techniques, we also carry out procedures involved in cell therapy, including immunotherapy and stem cell therapy, in order to personalize your medical treatments. Because each individual has a unique genetic makeup, we recognize that therapy should always be individually tailored to every patient.

We perform approximately 10 million tests each year and also handle specialized laboratory referrals from other hospitals, institutions and laboratories in New England and across the country. We ensure that every test we offer—at every location—is accurate and reliable. Our laboratories are frequently inspected by a variety of agencies that monitor laboratory quality.