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Hearing & Balance Program

The Yale Hearing & Balance Program provides comprehensive care for adult patients with a variety of audiologic and vestibular diagnoses, disorders, and symptoms. We employ a patient-centered health care approach, working as a team of neurotologists, audiologists, and associated healthcare providers to implement evidence-based practice and innovative care. Our multidisciplinary team provides services ranging from diagnostic hearing and/or vestibular evaluations to audiologic rehabilitation, including treatment with hearing aids, osseointegrated devices, and cochlear implants.  

We know how hearing and balance disorders can isolate and limit our patients, so our team of highly skilled practitioners uses the latest research and technology to not only improve our patient’s daily functionality, but also their overall well-being. 

Our Approach

Just as every patient is unique, every hearing loss is different and requires specific treatment and rehabilitation options. At our program, we specialize in a variety of treatment options for hearing loss and tinnitus. We perform audiometric evaluations to determine specific hearing sensitivity. Based on the results, we may recommend treatment with hearing aids, osseointegrated devices, or cochlear implants. We also provide in-depth counseling on strategies for effective communication skills. When indicated, we also provide treatment for tinnitus through information counseling and sound therapy. 

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Our Team

Research has shown that patients benefit significantly from a multidisciplinary team approach. Our team includes highly skilled surgeons, audiologists, hearing aid technicians, and support staff. We collaborate weekly to discuss new cases, technology updates, and pertinent topics in our ever-changing field.