Prepare for Your Visit

Preoperative visit:

At this visit you will have counseling, a medical history review, sign consent forms, an exam (possible ultrasound and pelvic exam), review preoperative instructions (including arrival time for procedure), and possible blood testing. Plan for 1 to 1.5 hours for this visit. You can come by yourself or with a support person.

Before the preoperative visit, you may need to have a separate ultrasound visit; if our office arranged for this type of visit, it is important that you keep that appointment to prevent a delay in your care.

Operative visit:

Generally, your operative procedure will be the next day. You must not eat or drink for at least 8 hours before your procedure time, usually not after midnight the night before. Since you will be affected by the anesthesia for the rest of the day after the procedure, you must have a ride home with someone you know who is at least 18 years old. Plan to spend 5 to 6 hours at the hospital this day.

Contraceptive visit:

At this visit, we will review your medical history, counsel you on your options for contraception, help you select a method that is right for you, and start that method. To prevent a concern for possible pregnancy at this visit, do not have unprotected sex for 15 days before the appointment date. You can do this by using condoms 100% of the time or by not having sex during the 15 days before your appointment.