Refer a Patient

Referring physicians can send patients for consultations, specific procedures or clinical trials, and comprehensive evaluations.

If you would like to refer a patient to us for a second opinion, clinical recommendations, management, or diagnostic evaluation including inpatient continuous audio/visual EEG monitoring, please contact our office at 203-785-3865 or

Patients being referred for presurgical evaluation should not expect to be admitted to the hospital on the day of their first clinic visit. Patients needing inpatient EEG monitoring may be referred for additional outpatient diagnostic imaging prior to hospital admission.

Patients referred for VNS placement first have a comprehensive outpatient clinic evaluation. Often the patient will be assessed by an epilepsy fellow prior to being seen by the attending physician. Patients being considered for VNS placement are sometimes asked to have inpatient diagnostic EEG monitoring to confirm and characterize the nature of their epilepsy.