Parenting can be difficult, especially when you have concerns about your child’s development.

The Yale Medicine Child Study Center is an internationally recognized center of innovation in child and family mental health, dedicated to promoting healthy development and psychological well-being across the lifespan.

We care for children and adolescents whose families are concerned about their child’s development and behavior. Their concerns include developmental delays, worries or behaviors that interfere with their child’s life, isolation and fear of school, and defiant and difficult behavior. We specialize in identifying the most appropriate treatment for each child and family.

Our first job is to listen. As we begin to understand your family and your child, we will be there to guide you through the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment process. We provide office and home-based interventions, working with as many people involved in your child’s growth as possible, including parents, teachers and pediatricians. The goal is to create a comprehensive treatment plan to support the growth of your child and family.

Above all, we care about your child’s development and your family’s well-being. We will use every means available—and maybe even invent some new ones—to help your child and your family.