Child Study Center

The Yale Medicine Child Study Center, an internationally recognized center of innovation in childhood mental health, was established in 1911. We are dedicated to promoting healthy development and psychological well-being across the lifespan.

Parenting can be difficult. Many parents have concerns about their child’s development. It’s not uncommon for us to hear from mothers and fathers that they don’t understand what is going on and they aren't sure how to help their child.

Our first job is to listen. As we begin to understand your family and your child, we can guide you from evaluation and diagnosis through treatment options.

We care for children and adolescents whose families are concerned about their child’s development and behavior. Their concerns include developmental delays, worries or behaviors that interfere with their child’s life, isolation and fear of school, defiant and difficult behavior, sadness, and fears. There may be multiple reasons and sources of worry, often related. We specialize in identifying the most appropriate treatment for each child and family.

Our research informs the development of new treatments. For example, we have developed parental training to help improve disruptive anger and aggression in children with autism and other developmental disorders. We are also developing new ways to help children overcome anxieties that interfere with their lives, as well as ways to limit the impact of an overwhelming event on the child and family.

We provide office and home-based interventions. We also collaborate with all the people and places involved in a child’s development, including parents, schools, and pediatricians. The goal is to create a comprehensive plan that includes as many people involved in your child’s growth as possible.

Above all, we care about your child’s development and your family’s well-being. We will use every means available—and maybe even invent some new ones—to help your child and your family.