Blood Transfusions for Children

This information is useful for children
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Why Yale Medicine?
  • Our pediatric hematologists, oncologists, surgeons and many other work together to provide the best transfusion experience.
  • All blood supplied to Yale's blood banks is thoroughly screened.
  • We regularly update our transfusion guidelines to match new research.

Every year in the United States, approximately five million people, including children, receive life-saving blood transfusions. Blood transfusions are typically administered without complication. However, when a child will be having a transfusion, it's important for parents to be aware of the way the procedure works and the potential complications that may occur, even if the risks are low.

Blood transfusions are used to replace blood, or any blood component, that has been lost, is missing, or isn't working properly. A blood transfusion lasts anywhere from one to four hours, and the new blood is typically transferred to the recipient through an intravenous line.