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EPIC-P Intervention

  • Study HIC#:2000026228
  • Last Updated:12/17/2021

This non-randomized, open-label study will address the following research aims in People who inject drugs (PWID):

  • To assess the feasibility and acceptability of the Expanding PrEP Implementation in Communities of PWID (EPIC-P) intervention among high-risk PWID.
  • To determine the preliminary efficacy of the EPIC-P intervention in terms of increasing adherence to PrEP and primary HIV prevention among high-risk PWID.
  • Age18 years and older
  • GenderBoth
  • Start Date01/06/2020
  • End Date03/31/2023

Trial Purpose and Description

A non-randomized, open-label design will be utilized to test the feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary efficacy of the Expanding PrEP Implementation in Communities of PWID (EPIC-P) intervention among high-risk people who inject drugs (PWID) with opioid dependence (N=100). Since the aim of this pilot study is to establish whether the EPIC-P intervention is feasible/acceptable among at-risk PWID in a community-based setting, proposed is a non-comparative design. With the hopes to target PWID who are not linked with existing harm reduction services, proposed is to recruit participants using respondent driven sampling (RDS), a chain referral method with demonstrated success in recruiting hard-to-reach populations. Initial RDS participants, called "seeds," will be carefully recruited from the community where the study team leadership have built a well-established relationship. Participants enrolled in the study will be assessed at baseline and will be followed for 9 months (with follow-up assessments at 3- and 6-months) by trained research assistants. Importantly, structured interviews will be conducted at follow-up visits to examine the barriers and facilitators and feedback about optimal implementation of the EPIC-P intervention.

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Residing in the Greater New Haven area;
  • Confirmed HIV-negative;
  • Reporting injection drug use (past 3 months) with substantial ongoing risk for HIV acquisition;
  • Started on PrEP (within the last week).

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Not on PrEP;
  • Not available during the full duration of the study;
  • Cannot speak English;
  • Unable to provide consent;
  • Anyone actively suicidal, homicidal, or psychotic as assessed by trained research staff under the supervision of a consultant that is a licensed clinical psychologist.

Principal Investigator


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