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Eligibility for Participation in Neuroimaging Studies

  • Study HIC#:2000027842
  • Last Updated:06/29/2023

The purpose of this research is to determine your eligibility for neuroimaging research studies.  We are looking for different types of participants including participants with psychiatric disorders, participants with substance use, participants with chronic pain, and participants without psychiatric conditions, substance use, or chronic pain.  The study involves a screening that includes a psychological examination, physical examination, ECG, blood and urine tests.  Based on this screening, we will determine if you are eligible to participate in any research studies.        

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    Brittany LeVasseur

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    Trial Purpose and Description

    Screening protocol to determine if subjects meet physical and psychological health criteria to participate in neuroreceptor imaging studies.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Inclusion criteria:

    Age 18-80 years

    Able to read and write English and give voluntary written informed consent


    Exclusion criteria:

    -Current significant medical condition such as neurological, cardiovascular, endocrine, renal, liver, or thyroid pathology

    -History of significant head trauma

    -Women who are pregnant or nursing

    -MRI-incompatible implants and other contraindications for MRI, such as a pacemaker, artificial joints, non-removable body piercings, claustrophobia, etc.

    -History of prior radiation exposure for research purposes within the past year such that participation in subsequent studies would place them over FDA limits for annual radiation exposure.  This guideline is an effective dose of 5 rem received per year; or current, past, or anticipated exposure to radiation in the workplace within one year of proposed PET scans;

    -Blood donation within 8 weeks of the study.

    Principal Investigator


    For more information about this study, including how to volunteer, contact: