Manisha Juthani, MD

Manisha Juthani, MD
Internal Medicine
Accepting new patients? No
Referrals required? MD to MD Consult
Patient type treated: Adult
Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Manisha Juthani, MD, specializes in the diagnosis, management and prevention of infections in older adults. “My interest in palliative care makes me uniquely qualified to help address goals of care with older patients with underlying diseases who have recurrent infections,” she says.

Getting to know patients and the challenges they face in their home lives can go a long way, says Dr. Juthani, who recalls one patient who had end-stage renal disease, as well as a teenager at home and an ill husband. “When I took the time to understand her frustration with the recurrence of her infection and the challenging home situation, she immediately developed confidence in my care of her,” she says.

An associate professor of medicine (infectious diseases) at Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Juthani also pursues federally funded research to learn more about infections in older adults, specifically urinary tract infections and pneumonia. Her most recent area of interest is at the interface of infectious diseases and palliative care, including the role of antibiotics at the end of life.