Ichiro Ikuta, MD, MMSc

Ichiro Ikuta, MD, MMSc
Accepting new patients? Yes
Referrals required? Not Applicable
Patient type treated: Child; Adult; Older Adult

Ichiro Ikuta, MD, MMSc, is a Yale Medicine neuroradiologist in the Department of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging. He analyzes imaging studies and performs radiologic procedures to diagnose a variety of brain and spinal conditions, including strokes, brain tumors, and aneurysms.

“If I am doing a procedure, even though it is minimally invasive, sometimes patients want to know if it will hurt,” says Dr. Ikuta. “I explain to patients the techniques we will use and that I will talk them through the entire procedure. I ask them to try their best, and we will only do what they can tolerate.”  

Dr. Ikuta is also an assistant professor of radiology at Yale School of Medicine. “I have an interest in patient radiation exposure from medical imaging,” says Dr. Ikuta of his research interests. “It is not an uncommon concern for patients, and I am happy to discuss the pros and cons of an exam with them.”