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Women's & Children's Blood Disorders Program

We diagnose and treat blood disorders during the reproductive, menopausal, fetal, neonatal, and geriatric periods of life. Our providers are specialists in providing care for women whose pregnancies require special monitoring, treatment, and care due to disorders of blood coagulation, thrombosis, and preeclampsia.

Our providers are experts in caring for women with preeclampsia and their babies, and are at the leading edge of preeclampsia patient care and research initiatives. Preeclampsia is a leading cause of maternal and newborn deaths nationally, and the incidence of severe preeclampsia is currently unknown. At present, delivery of the baby is the only known way to stop the progression of preeclampsia.

Our Approach

Without intervention, preeclampsia can escalate to multi-organ failure, seizures, coma, or death of the mother and baby. Our program focuses on the short- and long-term burden of the disease for the mother and the baby, with an emphasis on emerging treatment options for preeclampsia and related disorders such as fetal growth restriction and prematurity. We are also dedicated to educating pregnant women and health care providers about preeclampsia.