Congenital Hand Conditions

This information is useful for children
Why Yale Medicine?
  • A high level of specialty expertise and treatment options for congenital hand disorders that might be difficult to find elsewhere
  • Individualize surgical care for each patient to address personal concerns about function and appearance
  • Complex surgeries involving several procedures can be done at one time, minimizing a child's exposure to anesthesia and recovery time

A child uses his hands for everything from holding a cup to grasping a pencil. So life can be difficult for children born with congenital hand disorders, which range from the barely noticeable, such as fingers that don't function normally or are shorter than usual, to dramatic, such as a missing arm.

Felicity Fishman, MD, a highly specialized pediatric hand specialist and an assistant professor of orthopaedics at Yale School of Medicine, has extensive experience treating children with congenital hand conditions. She often collaborates with other Yale Medicine pediatric specialists to determine the best approach for each new patient.