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  • Study HIC#:2000024015REG
  • Last Updated:07/15/2021

Generations will be one of the largest DNA sequencing projects of its kind in the U.S. Volunteer participants who enroll in Generations will have their DNA analyzed more deeply than typical at-home genetic testing kits. The goal of this research is to learn more about human health and disease to find better ways to keep people healthy and provide treatments when they are sick. Researchers can search for changes in genes to protect against disease, target new drug development, and translate the results into better clinical care.

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  • GenderBoth
  • Start Date05/02/2019
  • End Date12/31/2019

Trial Purpose and Description

The Yale BioBank (YBB) will create a cohort of up to 250,000 volunteers who will be consented to provide biospecimens for broad research use and to the linking of their specimens and specimen derived data to their EHR (electronic health record) data. Participation includes permission for re-contact as well as permission for return of clinically actionable results to them and their health care providers.

To learn more call 203-605-6884 or email

Eligibility Criteria

There is no minimum age for eligibility. Pediatric patients may be enrolled based on parental permission/authorization by a parent or legal guardian and assent for participation by patients age seven and older. 

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