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Pneumococcal Epidemiology Study covid

  • Study HIC#:2000026100
  • Last Updated:07/15/2021

The purpose of this research study is to study how bacteria and viruses which can live in the noses, throat and saliva of people move between healthy older adults in the community.

  • Age60 years - 99 years
  • GenderBoth
  • Start Date10/01/2020
  • End Date12/31/2021

Trial Purpose and Description

The primary objectives of this study are:

1. To characterize the prevalence and acquisition rate of pneumococcal vaccine serotypes and non-vaccine serotypes in adults ?60 years of age

2. To determine the acquisition rate from the community and adult household contacts

3. To characterize the carriage prevalence of pneumococcal vaccine and non-vaccine serotypes in adults ?60 years of age by site of sample collection and laboratory method

4. To explore differences in carriage in unvaccinated individuals aged 60-64 years and the ?65 years population by age group: 65-70 years of age; >70-75 years of age; >70-80 years of age and >80 years of age

Eligibility Criteria

>60 years of age with no signs of respiratory infection, 

The specific criteria is "asymptomatic for respiratory illness".

participants will only be enrolled if they are enrolling with another individual >60 years old who lives in their household.  no signs of respiratory infection

Principal Investigator


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